Room A: 1.321




Future Prototypes

Explore the cutting-edge realm of "Future Prototypes" with industry titans Mike Pell and Valentin Heun. Mike Pell, Director of Microsoft Garage NYC, epitomizes innovation and disruption. Renowned for his prowess in design, innovation, and data AI, Pell reshapes strategies for global giants, drawing from his entrepreneurial journey to corporate leadership.

Joining him is Valentin Heun, VP of Innovation Engineering at PTC, spearheading the PTC Reality Lab. Heun's groundbreaking work in computer interaction transcends boundaries, earning accolades globally. With a Ph.D. from MIT Media Lab and a design background from Bauhaus-University Weimar, Heun's expertise promises an illuminating exploration of future possibilities in the physical space.

Moderated by Jason Jia.

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