Extended Reality

dates and location

April 15, 2023
SOCH at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA


Future-facing conference on
Blockchain, Metaverse,
Virtual Art, and more.

Local event, global vision.

HarvardXR 2023 Inaugural Conference is the first ever conference focusing on extended realities at Harvard University. Our goal is to provide a platform for students, researchers, practitioners, entrepreneurs to discuss how XR is shaping the future across different industries and. We will delve into the history, present and the future of XR, how we can leverage emerging technologies and challenges in the future. 

20+ speakers
8 Sections
demo showcase

Mixed and Immersive Realities

Step into a world where reality meets imagination with cutting-edge mixed and immersive reality technology, designed to enhance your senses and revolutionize the way you interact with digital content.

CG/VFX and Virtual Production

Unlock the limitless potential of your imagination and bring your wildest creative visions to life with state-of-the-art CG/VFX and virtual production.

Metaverse and Digital Collectibles

Experience a new dimension of digital ownership and community in the metaverse, where our digital collectibles offers a unique and exciting way to collect, trade, and showcase your favorite virtual assets.

Fiction and Worldbuilding

Escape into captivating new worlds and explore richly imagined universes with our fictional worldbuilding, crafted to transport you to the realms of your imagination.

Explore Latest XR Devices

Experience the latest advancements in technology firsthand with cutting edge XR devices, available for participants to try and explore.

April 15, 2023
SOCH at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

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