Jinha Lee

MIT Tangible Media Group

Jinha Lee is an award-winning designer, inventor, and entrepreneur from Korea. He is Co-founder, President and Chief Product Officer of Spatial, a 3D UGC gaming platform where creators craft and share immersive social experiences. Prior to founding Spatial, Jinha designed SpaceTop, a pioneering Augmented Reality desktop that allowed people to reach inside the screen. At the MIT media lab, he created a physical pixel, ZeroN, that levitates and moves freely as his master thesis project. He led the redesign of Samsung’s Smart TVs, turning screens into a collaboration platform and artistic data visualization. As an advocate for inclusive design, he co-designed Bradley Timepiece, an award-winning tactile wristwatch for the blind. These projects became viral and brought him to the TED stage in 2013. Jinha was named one of the  “35 innovators under 35” by the MIT Technology Review , and one of the  “32 greatest living designers” by Fast Company, and was named a  “Young Global Leader”  by the World Economic Forum.


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