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Keynote “Collective Superintelligence”

Collective Superintelligence - Using AI to Make Human Groups Smarter

While most AI researchers focus on emulating human intelligence, Dr. Louis Rosenberg has taken a very different approach. For the last decade he has been working on Collective Superintelligence, a method of using AI to connect human groups together to enable significantly more accurate predictions, assessments, forecasts, decisions, and evaluations. The technology created by his company, Unanimous AI, is based on the biological principle of Swarm Intelligence and has been used to optimize decisions by organizations ranging from the US Air Force and the United Nations to hedge funds and market research firms. Dr. Rosenberg will talk about the science and technology of Collective Superintelligence and the tools his company is developing to bring these capabilities to mainstream applications. Dr. Rosenberg earned his PhD from Stanford University, is a former professor at California State University, and has a book from Hachette, Our Next Reality about the future of AI-powered immersive worlds.

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