Room B: LL2.224




Metaverse and Gaming

Explore the dynamic fusion of the "Metaverse and Gaming" with Yibing Jiang and Jenny Guo at the forefront. Yibing, an indie game developer and former Creative Director at Unity, revolutionizes real-time rendering after honing her skills at Pixar and Disney Animation. Her groundbreaking projects like 'Windup' garnered global acclaim, pushing the boundaries of animation and gaming technology.

Joining her, Jenny Guo, co-founder of Highstreet, pioneers VR-driven MMORPG games intertwining commerce and virtual reality. Recognized on Forbes 30 under 30, Jenny's journey from Emmy-winning producer to tech entrepreneur showcases her influence in shaping the digital landscape. Together, they illuminate the transformative power of immersive experiences in gaming and beyond.

Moderated by Sanya Chauhan.

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