Amber Hu

Holo Interactive
Founder, CEO

Introducing Botao (Amber) Hu, a renowned reality computing innovator and new media artist at the forefront of technology and creativity. As CEO of Holo Interactive, Amber invented the award-winning HoloKit X, a stereoscopic AR device revolutionizing accessible Copresence. With a diverse background in leading companies like Twitter, DJI, Google, Microsoft, Pinterest, and thatgamecompany, Amber possesses extensive expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, drone technology, LiDAR, game development, visual design, and software engineering. Amber also founded Amber Garage, a Silicon Valley-based creative art and tech studio, exploring the synergy of technology and artistic expression. Academically, Amber holds a software engineering degree from the prestigious Tsinghua University and a master's degree in artificial intelligence from Stanford University. Combining technical acumen with artistic passion, Amber Hu continues to shape the future of reality computing and new media art.

April 15, 2023
SOCH at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

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