Han Cao

Retina Imageworks
Founder, Visual Effects Supervisor
Deepfake Specialist, AIGC Artist for Film “The Wandering Earth 2”

Based in Los Angeles, California. Han Cao is a highly skilled VFX Supervisor, with 10 years of Visual Effect experience in the Industry.

He has received several honors and awards for his work, including an Oscar for Compositing Supervision on the film "Get Out" and Student Academy Awards for his work as a Modeler on "Soar" and VFX Supervisor on "SIMULACRA."

With a strong passion for both art and technology, Han founded his studio Retina Imageworks in 2021, the main focus of the studio is application of AI and deepfake in Visual Effects.

In 2022, Retina Imageworks collaborated with MORE VFX, to create stunning visual effects for the film. One of the main tasks undertaken by Retina was de-aging work for the key characters, utilizing advanced deepfake technology.