Jenna Fizel

Senior Director of Emerging Technology

Jenna Fizel is a software and environments director at IDEO Cambridge. They help conceptualize, visualize and prototype client intentions through digital and interactive experiences. Their work explores how technology and environments can improve our everyday lives. They are inspired by the unexpected ideas that arise when translating the abstract world of the computer into the tangible world we can see, touch and taste.

Prior to IDEO, they were a junior partner at an interactive design agency where they worked for museums, libraries and corporations designing and building mixed physical/digital spatial experiences. They also co-founded a fashion technology startup and served as the CTO of a technology-focused intimate apparel company. Jenna has over a decade of application and web development experience. Their approach to software design is influenced by their academic background in architecture and computational geometry at MIT.

Their ambition is to one day own enough digital fabrication tools to make all their furniture at home. Up next: a CNC.


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