Kachina Studer

XR Terra
XR and AI Lab Lead at Harvard and MIT

Kachina’s work is dedicated to advancing stateof the art in visualization tools, methods, and techniques for scientificresearch, training and education. With a diverse background in architecture,generative design, and the fine arts, she brings a unique perspective tomultimodal problem-solving. Kachina is committed to fostering a culture ofinnovation and collaboration within teams, building strong relationships withstakeholders, and driving the implementation of immersive technology and AIdesign in educational practices. Her passion lies in empowering people toexplore their creativity and learning through immersive mediums and AI.

“I could not be more grateful for theopportunities I have been given as a special guest speaker nationwide at AWE,MIT, Harvard, Berklee College of Music, NYU, Boston University, Venture Cafe,and several other organizations, and I am proud to be a founding member of theAugmented Reality conference, AR in Action ( now imagination in action )”