Talis Reks

MIT.nano Immersion Lab
AR/VR/Gaming/Big Data IT Technologist

Talis Reks is the VR/AR/Gaming/Big Data Technologist at MIT.nano's Immersion Lab. Talis graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a focus in Neuroscience from Northeastern University. Talis started working in the virtual and immersive technology space during his time at Pfizer Inc where he worked within the Optical Microscopy Core exploring ways of using VR and AR for scientific research and development. After Pfizer, he became the Operations Manager and Lead Service Technician for the world's largest Virtual Reality Arena, MindTrek VR, where he brought VR gaming to the masses and built the facilities own ESports Arena for competitive e-sport game play. Before his role at MIT, Talis also spent time at Harvard Universities' School of Public Health where he led a variety of VR/AR projects involving scientific computing, data analysis, and interactive game development.