Room A: 1.321




Closing Speech

As we conclude the HarvardXR conference, join us for an inspiring closing note by Tsitsi Kolawole, Product Design Director at Roblox. Tsitsi will share her profound insights on "Designing in XR × AI," unveiling the foundational principles essential for creating immersive XR experiences that are not only engaging and comfortable but also ethically sound and inclusive. She will highlight the critical role of integrating AI to enhance these experiences through personalized interactions, adaptive interfaces, and ethical AI practices that prioritize user privacy and digital well-being.

Drawing from her extensive experience in leading design and research teams at Roblox, as well as her pioneering work on HoloLens, Xbox, and Microsoft Surface, Tsitsi's talk promises to explore the exciting convergence of XR, AI, and spatial computing. Her leadership has consistently pushed the boundaries of hardware and software experiences, setting new standards for immersive co-experience across entertainment, education, and productivity.

Tsitsi's closing note will not only encapsulate the spirit of innovation that defines HarvardXR but also inspire attendees to envision and build the future of immersive technologies with a user-centric, ethical approach. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from one of the industry's leading voices on the frontier of XR and AI design.

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